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i simply love it. <3

you made a nice movie : >
would be fun making an animation whit an pro like you : ]
it was wery moving and nice artlines and so.

it gets 10/10 by me :]


i dont know when to stop laugh! all the movies! my gawd! i like it! awesome!
keep gooing whit the production..awesome...
maby you could do transformers or something? would be fun to se :D
or maby..world of warcraft? :D

well.. o_o

I didnt notice the fun part in the whole thing ,sorry for that >.<
this was a lithle different movie from those ive watched o_o..
I dono how to tell ut but :P
it can be better..not the graffics its wery good.
But the humor part that is o_o..? i guess.
the sound was ok...

anyhow..good luck whit ur next flashmovie : P

doodleknight responds:

thats totally cool thanks fo rwatching...i know its not lol just a crazy thought i went ahead and animated .....because i can!

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I sallute you man

Nice game whit nice programing and funny arts.
Wounder how you guys gor the inspiration for this game?
and whats your next hit game? xD
i allmost got ewery medal exept the newbies medals witch is kinda funny xD lols..


its kinda boring when you have to figth like 15-20 minutes to kill a boss ;) and it was a lithle slow..would be cool whit more weapons..(doe if i havent played the whole game ,becouse i got to borde to quick if i must be honnest)..but i think this is good anyway =D
i mean whit the programing and so on..

well good luck ^_^


i like the gun-game...keep on whit these kinda games.. (^_^)

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hey me like japanese ! ^_^

this is pretty cool dude..
but i think this can be ewen better upp if you know what i mean?..

nice work budy =)

i think this is really really nice music.
have you used these in flash movies yet?

XGM-Zeth responds:

Thanks :)
I've not personally used em, but some other guy's have.
Not that many though.

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